Barbie's Beauty Transformations Over the Last 60 Years Have Been Amazing to Watch

Barbie in 2020

If you used to play with Barbie as a kid, you know that the doll has majorly evolved since your days on the playground. But you may be shocked to see just how much Barbie’s beauty has changed over the span of her 61-year career. A few years ago, a Tumblr user proved how much the doll’s face has changed over the years with a really impressive graphic, but it’s also really amazing to see how Barbie has adapted to the beauty trends popular in each decade since her birth in 1959, and has even embraced the standards and traditions of other cultures.

Today’s Barbie is way different from the first model. While she’s far from being a realistic standard of beauty for most women (don’t worry, there are other toys for that!), Barbie has come such a long way. Mattel has made the doll more diverse, and instead of just a white blonde, she’s now Asian, black, and Latina with multiple different hair textures, too. And Barbie’s extreme makeup looks and highly coiffed hairstyles have been replaced by flattering full brows, fluttery lashes, and a soft pink lip.

While we do wonder how Barbie will change next (rainbow hair? contouring sets?), we love how she never fails to spark our imagination. Read ahead to see how Barbie has changed over the years.

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