Expert reveals her trick to keeping gravy warm while also saving space on the stovetop

IF YOU find yourself running out of space while cooking large meals, a new tip might be useful to you. 

An expert has revealed a way to keep gravy warm while keeping it off the stovetop.

The woman said her trick allows other things to be cooked on a burner you might have usually used to keep gravy heated. 

“To save space on your stovetop while cooking Thanksgiving dinner, pour your gravy in a thermos to keep it warm,” the woman wrote in a video she posted to TikTok. 

“When it’s time to eat, pour [the gravy] into your gravy boat,” she concluded. 

This hack can be used for other sauces that need to stay warm prior to serving as well.

For those making gravy to pour over a home-cooked turkey, there’s a hack that promises a juicy and flavorful bird. 

A TikToker took to her page to show her followers three tips for achieving a juicy dish.

“Numero uno: Brine your bird,” she said. 

“This is an overnight soak in salted, well-seasoned water that infuses the meat with moisture and flavor.”

Second, she instructed people to cook their turkeys in bags.

“In the final 45 minutes, you’re gonna turn it over [and] open up the bag so that way that [skin] on the breast will get nice and brown ‘cause we want our bird to have a tan,” she continued.

Finally, she said to let the turkey rest for 45 minutes before carving into it. 

But if you don’t feel like making a turkey yourself, another person revealed that you can buy a pre-cooked and pre-seasoned one from Popeyes. 

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