This new foundation is made of 90% skincare ingredients

Skincare infused makeup is a trend that you should expect to see more of.

In the words of renounced MUA Neil Young: ‘If foundations are not caring for your skin when you’re wearing them, then I don’t know what year we’re in anymore.’

Enter Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow, a new skincare hybrid foundation that’s base formulation is made up of 90% skincare ingredients.

You would think that would make it a sheer, barely there tint, but no – Neil, the brand’s ambassador, says you can get medium, buildable coverage. Finger application will give more coverage, while a flat synthetic brush will soften it.

If you want to build the coverage, Neil’s tip is to let the product sit on the skin unblended for a moment first. It’ll allow the formula a moment to adapt on the skin and become ever so slightly denser.

Trends in recent years have favoured foundation that manages the contradiction of giving coverage while letting the natural skin show through, something that this foundation aims to achieve due to the heavy dose of skincare ingredients.

With most of the nation currently skipping makeup more often (instead preferring the ritual skincare provides), the needs of the consumer are changing.

For the few times people might put makeup on for a Zoom meeting or similar, Neil believes products should be caring for skin as well as beautifying – particularly as product formulations have become more sophisticated in recent years.

In fact, he says to think of this particular launch as skincare with foundation in it, rather than foundation with skincare benefits.

The main ingredients are nasturtium extract and glycerine, which work to hydrate the skin and strengthen the epidermis.

Capucine flower features and this works to oxygenate skin cells – in basic terms, it helps to draw oxygen into the skin to boost glow. Coconut oil derivative is in the mix too, but those with oily skin shouldn’t panic or write the product off.

Skincare isn’t a one size fits all, but Givenchy didn’t design the product with a particular skin type in mind, instead they worked with the basic fundamentals in a skincare routine: hydration, protection and strengthening of the skin barrier.

Another bonus is the fact that 89% of the ingredients are biodegradable – even the ink on the bottle biodegrades and the pump can easily be taken apart for recycling after use.

Expect to see more brands follow suit with both hybrid formulations and greater emphasis on sustainability.

Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow, £40 launches nationwide on January 15. It comes in 30 shades with three undertones.

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