Briana DeJesus to Luis Hernandez: You Gave Me an STD … But I Still Love You!

A new season of Teen Mom 2 always means new revelations about what the cast members have been up to in recent months.

After all, they don’t share every detail of their lives on social media — as much as it sometimes seems like they do.

But one of this season’s biggest twists came without any teases or dramatic reveals.

In fact, Briana DeJesus dropped the bombshell on fans within the opening seconds of the season’s first trailer.

It seems Briana caught an STD during a one night stand with her baby daddy, Luis Hernandez.

The couple is not back together, and it seems they never intended to reconcile.

But now, in addition to her 3-year-old daughter Stella, Bri has another reminder of her time with Luis — and this one also might be with her for quite some time.

“Why did I have sex with him? I can’t talk about this,” Bri said during Tuesday night’s episode.

But Bri proceeded to talk about the evening in graphic detail — and it seems Luis spent the night leaking all sorts of fluids.

“He was full-blown naked, crying,” DeJesus told her mother and sister, who of course laughed at the situation.

“He was sitting criss-cross applesauce on the bed. It was weird. Telling me that he’s sorry, [that] he doesn’t go about things the right way,” Bri continued.

“That he always has Stella on his mind and me on his mind. And he wanted us to work out and be a family. Naked. He was sincere, I guess.”

Later in the episode, Bri leveled with Luis about what she wants from him — and it’s not STDs and naked crying jags.

“Our main goal is for you to be a part of Stella’s life consistently,” Briana told Luis.

“Me and you, I don’t know. I just got out of a f-cked-up situation; he was really active in the girls’ lives. So if you’re going to do this, don’t leave Stella because I already let her down,” she insisted, while wiping away tears.

Of course, Bri”s situation is even more effed-up now that Luis has passed an infection to her.

She obviously didn’t know that had happened in the immediate wake of their one-night stand, but now that she’s aware that she caught something from Luis … well, she’s surprisingly mature and forgiving about the situation.

“I will tolerate Luis for Stella’s sake. Is there anything that will ever happen between us again? Most definitely not,” the mother of two said in a recent interview with In Touch.

“He is the father of my child, so I don’t want to talk badly [about] him.”

Bri says her romantic dalliance with Luis is 100 percent at an end, but she knows she’ll be reliving it in the weeks to come, thanks to new episodes of TM2.

“What happened is in the past and I really want it to stay there. Obviously, I’m on a television show and it got filmed and the whole STD scare [with Luis] came out or whatever happened,” she told In Touch.

“And I just hope people understand my side of the story. And I’m not really looking forward to reliving it again. That’s all I can say,” DeJesus added.

Bri concluded by saying that she still has affection for her ex in spite of everything that happened.

“I was angry with Luis, but I care for him because he is the father of my child,” she said.

“I don’t know why we got romantically involved, but it didn’t last very long, so I don’t even think that matters anymore.”

DeJesus says she’s not thrilled that her health scare will be featured throughout this season Teen Mom 2, but she says she hopes the storyline will convince viewers to practice safe sex and get tested regularly.

At the very least, it should teach them to be skeptical of exes who cry while fully nude.

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