Coronavirus Survivor Tom Hanks Hosts Saturday Night Live‘s ‘At Home’ Episode —

Well, this was one for the ages!

Tom Hanks, who was one of the first celebrity survivors of coronavirus that we know about after he came down with the illness in Australia earlier this year, hosted a first for Saturday Night Live: their special ‘at home’ episode featuring all the actors in quarantine!

Hanks opened up the show with the traditional monologue, though it wasn’t in studio in front of a live audience, but rather at his house (above). And thankfully there was no laugh track — though there were also jump cuts and edits, as the show itself couldn’t technically be live this week, what without editors splicing together the footage the actors used in their skits. But still… there were some very funny things going down all the same!!!

For one, Pete Davidson went full music video spoof for his skit in this one, opting to show off his mom’s Staten Island home in a hilarious way (below):

And yes, he really does still live with her, like even outside of the quarantine… so there’s a double-shot of real life in that one! LOLz!!

Michael CheColin Jost, and the Weekend Update team looked largely the same, minus the home backdrop. Graphics were similar, skits and moments were obviously similar, etc. As you can see (below), this is a pretty simple part of the show to re-create in a home setting:


Kate McKinnon did a wonderful spoof of Ruth Bader Ginsburg‘s apparent at-home workouts as the Supreme Court Justice tries to stay healthy for, um, a while longer (below):

Kate even asked famed Dr. Anthony Fauci to slide into her (well, RBG’s) DMs! Ha!!!

Coldplay popped in to perform a song, so at least it felt like a normal SNL with a musical guest involved:


And there were a bunch of other HIGHlarious spoofs and segments, too, like this botched Zoom call (below), or another Bernie Sanders address, and a few more skits and clips to watch, as well:

All in all, we must say, that was VERY well done by the Saturday Night Live team considering what they had to work with here!!

What did y’all think about this special (and, um, unforgettable?!) episode of SNL from home, y’all?! The times we live in… what crazy, crazy times… but at least there’s stuff out there to make us laugh? Or something?

Sound OFF with your take about the whole thing down in the comments (below)!!!

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