Countdown’s Rachel Riley ‘headbutted’ husband Pasha in front of Stephen Hawking

Countdown: Rachel Riley defends maths teacher after Anne dig

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Rachel Riley, 35, has admitted that she once accidentally headbutted her husband in front of the late Stephen Hawking. The Countdown star was attempting to perform a dance move at the time in front of the scientist. 

I went down, bent my back all the way, then sprang up – but accidentally butted Pasha

Rachel Riley

Rachel married husband Pasha, 41, after meeting him on Countdown in 2013, during season 11 of the show.

The two married in 2019 and share two children together. 

She told Mail Online today a story about how one time, the couple attended a dinner party hosted by Jimmy Carr. 

They discovered that the guests were big fans of Strictly, and requested that the two perform a dance. 

She said: “They were Strictly fans and requested a preview of the routine we’d only been doing for two days.

“I went down, bent my back all the way, then sprang up – but accidentally butted Pasha.”

Recent rumours have spread that the Countdown co-host has had trouble with new presenter Anne Robinson. 

The former Weakest Link host was reportedly annoyed that Rachel had been chatting with contestants between takes. 

But Anne recently spoke out in relation to the apparent tension between the two, and spoke of Rachel positively. 

Anne said: “They’re brilliant – both of them actually. Every time I’m astonished how she [Rachel] does that adding up and subtracting – just seconds, absolutely seconds, amazing.

“I hope I’m always described as difficult, awkward, tricky, impatient, menopausal, any sort of pejorative, grumpy.”

When asked if she was “b***hy,” she said: “Not particularly – hard to please.”

Rachel also denied the claims, speaking on Lorraine last month.

She said: “I’ve seen the headlines of feuds escalating – I’ve been on maternity leave for about six to eight weeks.

“[Anne’s] not the cuddliest person in the world, but it’s just a different show now, she’s making it her own.
“She’s getting some stuff out of the contestants. Sometimes it’s barbed, sometimes it’s funny, it’s just got a different flavour.”

A recent Countdown mix-up has left fans annoyed. 

Fans are normally excited to tune into the show at 2:10PM on Channel 4, but last Friday saw the episode cancelled and replaced by Find It, Fix It, Flog It. 

On Twitter, a confused Ryan Love said: “Uhm where is #Countdown please @Channel4.”

Hester was also keen for answers: “@channel4 why has Countdown been cancelled?”

“@Channel4 Where’s Countdown?!” @perishingtardis added while @_Rgraph fumed: “@C4Countdown No countdown today?! Aaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh!”

Channel 4 has since addressed the technical issues which led to a shake-up to its schedule.

As the clock hit the 2:10pm mark, the Channel 4 narrator said: “Now in a change to listings, it’s Find It, Fix It, Flog It.”

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