Emily in Paris’ Lucas Bravo Reacts to the Armie Hammer Comparisons

Lucas Bravo, the breakout star of the Netflix series Emily in Paris, keeps getting compared to Armie Hammer and now he’s reacting to the comments!

The 32-year-old actor was interviewed by Vulture and the outlet told him that he looks like a “French version of Armie Hammer.”

Lucas replied, “I’ve heard that a couple of times. It’s really nice to say. I love him, he’s a great actor. It’s funny.”

Did you know that Lucas actually has previous experience from working in a restaurant?! On the series, he plays the the hot chef Gabriel, who is Emily’s downstairs neighbor.

“I was a sous-chef in a restaurant a few years ago, so I have some cooking skills. But you know, we did some kind of cook-off competition with me and Ashley [Park, who plays Emily’s friend Mindy] to promote the show, and I completely burned my omelet and cut my finger off, so I’m trying not to brag about my cooking skills anymore,” Lucas said.

Here’s what Lucas had to say in response to people criticizing the show.

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