'Friends' Alum Courteney Cox's Halibut Recipe for People Who Hate Fish

Celebrity Courteney Cox became a household name when she co-starred in the sitcom Friends. She met renowned actor Jennifer Aniston on the set. The two became fast friends and are still close today. 

Throughout Cox’s career, she has amassed 70 acting credits. In recent years, she has slowed down a bit, but she’s working on a couple of projects. And she has millions of followers on social media. Some of her posts show her making her favorite recipes at home.

Courteney Cox’s acting career

Courteney Cox began her acting career in the ’80s. She got her big break appearing in Bruce Springsteen’s music video for “Dancing in the Dark,” her IMDb page shows. After moving to Los Angeles, she landed a role in the TV series Family Ties. She played Lauren Miller on the popular show starring Michael J. Fox. 

Cox has also appeared in films such as 1986’s Down Twisted. She also famously co-starred alongside comedic actor Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. And Cox lent her voice to the animated movie Barnyard

In 1996, Cox starred in the classic slasher flick Scream. She played news reporter Gale Weathers. Cox returned for the franchise’s next three sequels. She continued to land roles following her success in the Scream series.

From 2007 to 2008, Cox appeared on the TV show Dirt. She also guest-starred on Web Therapy and portrayed a divorced 40-year-old on Cougar Town. Her performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination. And today, she plans to reprise her role in another Scream installment.

Courteney Cox famously played Monica on ‘Friends’

But Cox’s most notable role was on the influential show Friends. Starring alongside Aniston as Rachel Green, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, David Schwimmer as Ross Geller, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, and Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, Cox portrayed Monica Geller in all 10 seasons of the hit ’90s show. Monica is a chef who’s the group’s mother hen.  

Monica is also Rachel’s best friend from childhood and tends to be a competitive perfectionist. She later becomes romantically involved with Chandler, and the two marry in Season 7. At the end of the series, they adopt twins. 

In the show’s infancy, Cox made about $22,500 an episode. As the series grew in popularity, so did her paycheck. During the last couple of seasons, she and her co-stars made a reported $1 million per episode. She was one of the highest-paid actors at the time.  

Despite Friends having ended over a decade ago, the star still earns plenty of money in syndication royalties. She and her former castmates had negotiated with executives in 2000. Every year, Cox makes $20 million from the sitcom’s reruns. 

She shares her halibut recipe

Like her character on Friends, Courteney Cox knows her way around a kitchen. The actor recently showed off her culinary chops to her over 10 million Instagram followers. She gave a tutorial on how to prepare “roasted halibut with cherry tomatoes, all in one pan.” 

Her five-minute video shows how to make the easy dish step by step. She claims the recipe is perfect for people who aren’t fans of seafood. 

“If you hate fish as much as I do … you’ll love this recipe,” Cox wrote in the post’s description. She also provided the easy recipe in detail.

Aniston couldn’t help but reply in the comments with a fun Friends reference.

If you typically avoid fish but make this recipe, let us know if it’s good! 

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