Jenelle Evans Twerks In Booty Shorts! Kicks Off Hot Girl Summer, Part 2!

In 2019, rappers Meghan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, and Ty Dolla Sign recorded the hit song “Hot Girl Summer.”

Because the track was released in August, however, it wasn’t fully meme-ified until summer of the following.

And like everything else in 2020, last year’s summer was pretty much a bust.

That means the world is ready for a Hot Girl Summer re-do — and who better to usher in this new era of hotness than the Queen MILF of the Southern Swamplands, Jenelle Evans?

That’s right, Jenelle is dancing on TikTok once again, and once again the results are scorching hot!

Jenelle’s latest finds her twerking in the backyard — a familiar premise — but this time, there’s a twist.

“Learned this in 3 mins while #grilling #WhatsYourSign,” she captioned her latest masterpiece.

Yes, Jenelle’s most recent video is hot in every sense of the word.

Not only is she bringing the heat in terms of epic dance moves and gyrations, she also has some meat charring away just off camera.

Folks, if you were looking for a video that encapsulates both hotness and summer, we’re pleased to inform you that you can’t do any better than the footage we’re presenting to you today.

How hot is Jenelle’s latest hotness?

Well, some media outlets like to focus on the negative — the many comments in which Jenelle is roasted as thoroughly as the poultry she was preparing for dinner.

But we’d prefer to take the opposite approach by focusing on the most flattering comment we could find.

And it’s especially meaningful because it comes from none other than Jenelle’s husband, the famously eloquent and articulate David Eason.

“Yall Jenelle used the grill by herself for the first time ever,” Eason commented on the post.

“That chicken was BUSSIN. She did better than me,” David continued, adding:

“Nice dance too.”

Yes, folks — nice chicken, nice dance, nice everything.

Face it, you either want to be Jenelle, or you want to be friends with Jenelle. There is no third option.

Jenelle was her usual modest self in response to the praise she received from David.

Did she boast about her dance skills of her culinary abilities?

No — but she humbly conceded that the chicken was, in fact, “BUSSIN.”

“That chicken was ahhhhhmazing,” Jenelle wrote.

Yes, while the rest of the world chooses to focus on the negative — like the rumors that David killed a baby chick for fun — the Easons have turned their attention to happier chicken-related news.

So while the rest of us are looking out our windows, fearful that we might catch a deadly virus simply by stepping outside, Jenelle is out there living her best life.

She’s twerking, she’s grilling, she’s bringing joy to the David Easons of the world simply by thrusting her hips whilst grilling up a bird that was probably happily pecking around Jenelle’s backyard just moments earlier.

You’ve heard of working moms who prepare dinner after a long day at the office, but have you heard of twerking moms heating up the vittles while racking up likes on the ‘Tok? We didn’t think so.

Learned this in 3 mins while ##grilling ??? ##WhatsYourSign

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