Laura Marano Drops New Song ‘Can’t Hold On Forever’ Plus Lyric Video – Watch Now!

Laura Marano has blessed fans with her new song “Can’t Hold On Forever“!

The 24-year-old singer and actress also dropped the lyric video for the new track.

“Can’t Hold On Forever comes out this Friday…Like May 15th Friday…. Ahhhhh!!!! Aaaaaaand I’m releasing a lyric video that some of you helped me with the same day…” she teased earlier in the week on Instagram.

“The Can’t Hold On Forever lyric video comes out TONIGHT at 9 pm PST on my YouTube channel! Haven’t posted anything there in a hot minute, so I’m very excited ? I better see your virtual face at the premiere!!!” Laura added on premiere day.

“Can’t Hold On Forever” is the second song that Laura has released in quarantine. Back in April, she shared her new song “When You Wake Up” to kick off what she refers to as her “You” era!

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