Megan Thee Stallion says she wants 'Black women to be louder'

Megan Thee Stallion is all about embracing your voice as she got candid about her hopes from Black women in a new interview.

The rapper graced one of the three covers from GQ’s Men of the Year issue in which she revealed why she wants women to be more ‘outspoken’.

Megan, 25, explained: ‘I want Black women to be louder. I want us to be sassier. I want us to demand more, be more outspoken, keep speaking and just keep demanding what you deserve. Don’t change—just get better.

‘Grow from these situations. Don’t be beating yourself up about these situations…I feel we keep this stuff in and there’s some kind of way we flip it on ourselves. We didn’t f**k up—we didn’t do something wrong.’

Elsewhere, the WAP hitmaker opened up about the controversy that followed the release of her hit collaboration with Cardi B.

‘Sometimes people are really not comfortable enough with themselves, and I don’t think they like to watch other people be comfortable with themselves,’ she mused. ‘And I don’t think they want anybody to teach other people how to be comfortable with themselves.’

The Savage rapper continued: ‘I feel like a lot of men just get scared when they see women teaching other women to own sex for themselves.

‘Sex is something that it should be good on both ends, but a lot of times it feels like it’s something that men use as a weapon or like a threat.’

Megan added: ‘I feel like men think that they own sex, and I feel like it scares them when women own sex.

‘Sometimes you just got to remind people that you’re magical and everything about you down to your vagina and to your toes is magical.’

The hitmaker also opened up about the night she got shot in both feet, as she insisted she had not been violent towards alleged shooter Tory Lanez.

GQ’s Man of the Year Issue is out now.

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