Medical expert reveals which Love Island contestants have botox and fillers

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Love Island has been back on our screens for a few weeks now, and we're all obsessing over the contestants and their undeniably glam appearances.

Only a few days into the competition show, a row broke out between former beauty pageant winner Sharon Gaffka, estate agent Faye Winter and PE teacher Hugo Hammond during a game where the women had to guess their male counterparts' types.

Hugo, 24, was paired up with Chloe Burrows at the time, and proudly exclaimed his ideal woman would be "not fake".

His use of the term "fake" did not go down well with the girls – especially as many of them have been up front about the cosmetic work they've had done.

Both Faye and Sharon made it clear they weren't happy with Hugo, but after a small cry and a discussion about why women have treatments done in the first place, it was all water under the bridge for the trio.

Following the game, fans of the show rushed to discuss which procedures the girls all had done.

Some of them actually revealed which treatments they'd opted for earlier in the episode, but a few newbies have since entered the villa.

OK! Online spoke exclusively to Nurse Aaron of ATYU – London's Ultimate Skin Concierge – who revealed his thoughts on the different tweakments he believes the islanders are likely to have had.

Online fashion store owner Lucinda is one of the youngest contestants on the show but older snaps of the star suggest she's had her lips done.

The green-eyed beauty, who's caught Geordie Brad's eye on the show "seems to have had hyaluronic filler injections for a fuller pout," according to Aaron.

The practitioner adds: "She's only 21, and has a naturally round face meaning she already has that coveted doll-like look."

Sharon is a classic example of brains and beauty, and was working in the civil service as well as doing a law degree before heading into the villa.

The Oxford girl, who used to compete in large-scale beauty pageants in the past, has admitted to having several treatments on the show.

Sharon revealed she'd had filler done, opting for some lip filler for a fuller pout, chin filler to give the appearance of a slimmed down face, cheek filler for a contoured appearance and botox to prevent wrinkles.

Birmingham local Liberty has seemingly found love already with Bristolian Jake Cornish, 25.

The bleach blonde contestant wowed fans with her dazzling blue eyes, but they weren't the only features which caught people's attention.

Sporting one of the plumpest set of lips on the show, viewers were quick to speculate on whether or not they were enhanced.

Liberty has admitted to having her lips injected with filler, but claimed it's the only part of her face she'd had tweaked.

Nurse Aaron added: "Looking at pictures of Liberty before entering the villa, she has incredibly chiseled cheekbones and a razor-sharp jawline, which would suggest some tweakments in those areas.

"However, she has a much more natural looking face when appearing on the show, meaning it's most likely down to some great contouring."

The 21-year-old joked she was too young for botox when Jake incorrectly guessed she'd had it done, so we can definitely rule that one out for her.

Essex girl Millie came in as a double bombshell with Lucinda, and they both seriously shook up the villa.

The fashion buyer's striking sense of style was undeniable as she first graced the screens, sporting a natural sharp bob haircut; a contrast to the show's sea of hair extensions.

Fans are on the fence about whether or not Millie has had work done, as she looks pretty natural to most people.

However, the star does have a smooth forehead, which is "likely down to some baby Botox".

Hilarious islander Faye is always outspoken when it comes to her procedures, and was quick to defend her decision to go under the knife for a boob job.

The star was offended by Hugo "for being uneducated" as to why women may choose to have enhancements, explaining how the confidence boosts obtained through these treatments are life-changing for some people, like herself.

As well as this, Faye admitted she'd had lip filler injected multiple times, also having it dissolved in the past before being re-injected.

The blonde joked her lips will never return to normal and that they looked like "an 80-year-old's wrinkly b*llsack" after having the filler temporarily removed.

As well as lip filler, Faye has had botox on her forehead, and called out Liberty when the 21-year-old implied the treatment was only for old people.

Faye and Sharon agreed that botox treatment was preventative, and not always for getting rid of wrinkles, which Nurse Aaron confirmed.

"Contrary to popular belief, Botox isn't solely used to get rid of frown lines and wrinkles, but can also prevent them," he said.

"It is used for medical as well as cosmetic reasons, as Botox can be used to treat migraines, excessive sweating and grinding of the jaw."

Bombshell Chloe, who hails from Bicester, laughed along as her then-partner Hugo made the "fake" comments.

The 25-year-old has had a boob job, which she admitted to on the show, but she hasn't had any work done on her face.

She sounds pretty close to the "natural leggy blonde" she described as Hugo's type…

Essex girl Kaz, 29, is a completely natural beauty, having had no work done whatsoever.

The influencer seems to be a keen fitness fanatic, which explains her incredible figure.

Another natural stunner, freshly-dumped islander Rachel doesn't seem to have had any work done.

She hasn't mentioned any treatments on the show.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.

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