Social media users share favourite quirky photos of their beloved dogs

Barking mad! To celebrate International Dog Day, FEMAIL shares a selection of hilarious snaps capturing their bizarre – and adorable – antics

  • Social media users from around the world have shared their favourite dog pics 
  • Bored Panda collated some of the most hilarious shots for a gallery 
  • Including a dog thinking a painting was a real-life window, staring out of it
  • Comes as the world celebrates International Dog Day on Friday 26 

Our dogs are like members of our family, always there for us, without judgement and full of unconditional love. 

But they’re also quite hilarious. And social media users from around the world have shared their best photos of their dogs doing the silliest of things, with Bored Panda collating the best posts into a gallery.

While one dog looks totally unimpressed with her new puppies feeding off her, another dog lays flat on the pavement with legs spread out refusing to go home after a walk.

Another post sees a group of dogs swimming and contending with a wave in the ocean, going on to create a magical photograph. 

Here, as the world celebrates International Dog Day, FEMAIL presents some of the best dog posts shared online…

Tired! This dog looks how many new mothers feel. Her face couldn’t be any more animated as her little puppies feed off of her

This owner posts ‘it’s hard to capture my dog’s beauty on camera’! This little pooch was even mistaken for a turkey and looks like it has one eye, but it does in fact have two

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Trouble! This dog called Zion had fun with the owner’s nephew’s ball but ended up wearing it like a helmet. The dog looks ready for a game of American football

Hungry! Dusty found a pie in this bush on a walk a month previously, ever since, the bush must be inspected closely for more pie, naturally! 

Loving! This gorgeous Husky realised she got a lot of attention from passersby when she simply sat here, so apparently she sits here all the time

Not going home! This is Robert and he does this – spreads his legs and refuses to move – every time he realises his walk is over and it’s time to go home

Totally confused! This poor dog has no idea what it’s found. It most probably thinks by grabbing the tail it’s trying to help somehow 

This dog thinks the painting is a real window, sits there most of the day. The owner can’t bear to interfere

This dog has realised that sleeping like a real person has its advantages! The owner has admitted it’s learned to sleep like a human, and another person added ‘they learn fast’

Not only does this adorable dog look like a werewolf but it also sits like this – back feet tucked inside the front – all of the time

This owner gave the dog a chicken twist stick and managed to lodge it in between his cheeks, with this hilarious outcome – a sarcastic looking smile

Yoga! This dog not only looks like it’s in the middle of a yoga position but it also looks like it has chicken legs

Cat tricks! While this type of thing is normally related to cats, clearly this dog has been picking up some tips. She stands watching the fish in the tank for ages

Hello! This owner wanted to take a beautiful photo of the landscape and then the dog jumped in

Some dogs just love water, and this one will find any excuse to jump in. So much so the owner tries to avoid parks with water features, but the dog will still find some water to sit in

Mid-sneeze and this is the result! This owner managed to capture the moment its dog was about to sneeze, managing to capture a perfect moment on camera

This German X Belgian Shepherd aged 11 finally realised the uses of a bushy tail. Now it uses it to dim the lights during an afternoon siesta

Dive! A hilarious moment when a group of dogs went swimming in the ocean and a wave hits them. The fourth looks on either concerned or enjoying the moment

It’s meant to be an idyllic moment but this dog had other ideas. While its owners were taking their vows during their wedding day, this dog decided to role around in hysterics or there was an itch on its back

The dog on the left is the owner’s old dog and the one on the right is their new dog. Both with great attitude for Bulldogs. 

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