1000lb Sisters fans rip Amy over son Gage’s ‘filthy feet’

1000lb Sisters: Trailer for fourth series

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On this week’s edition of 1000lb Sisters, Tammy gets some good news after a traumatic experience and her sister Amy is rushed to the hospital. The fourth season of the TLC reality show has kicked off with plenty of drama already, although one of the biggest talking points on Tuesday night was the hygiene of Amy’s son, Gage.

Viewers were appalled by the state of Amy’s house in the latest episode of TLC’s hit reality series.

The fourth season of the Slaton sisters’ weight loss journey continued on Tuesday night by checking in with the family after Tammy had been robbed.

Meanwhile, Amy suffered a popped gastric sleeve during her pregnancy and was rushed to the ER, but thankfully made a full recovery after doctors sorted out the problem.

Before the emergency, Amy got the chance to spend some time at home with her husband Michael and their son, Gage.

At one point in the episode, the one-year-old danced around the living room before stumbling over.

Amy helped him up, and viewers were given a full view of Gage’s feet, which had been blackened by the dirty floor.

Fans of the show couldn’t help spotting the stained soles at other points in the episode and took to social media to criticise Amy’s housekeeping.

@luv_2_h8_zillas tweeted: “Amy, girl, get a Swiffer or something and clean those damned floors… Gage’s feet are filthy!!!”

“Baby feet are not supposed to be that damn dirty,” @LasonQui said.

@sunkissedcin exclaimed: “The bottom of Gage’s feet… Do they ever sweep and mop?!!”

@Tymmerie wrote: “Yikes. That’s also the reason I don’t let people wear shoes in my house.

“Michael and Amy still have issues with their housekeeping. But, I was pleasantly surprised that the toilet seemed clean when Gage tried to open it.”

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@Madame_Wiladina said: “Amy and Michael are not motivated to have self-pride let alone pride in the home they bought.

“So they just let it get dirty. She has admitted in the past she is not a good housekeeper.”

And @Princess_Nef fumed: “Amy stays with a dirty, raggedy f*****g house!

“Holes in the doors. S**t all over the floor and counter.

“Wasn’t she crying the last time embarrassed by her pigsty that had a dead mouse in the kitchen cabinet under her filth?! Ain’t nothing changed Amy.”

Thankfully, some viewers were relieved to note Amy’s toilet bowl was spotless when she attempted to teach her son how to go to the bathroom.

This week did see some success for the Slaton sisters as Tammy had managed to reach her goal weight and can now qualify for surgery.

However, Amy has been struggling to keep to her weight loss regime and admitted she has been eating more during her pregnancy.

“During this pregnancy, I’m not going to beat myself up if I gain a little weight,” she said in her confessional.

1000lb Sisters airs Tuesdays on TLC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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