BBC EastEnders fans spot new clue in Kathy trailer that gives hint about Christmas victim

BBC EastEnders fans are buzzing with theories as they believe they've spotted a clue about the upcoming Christmas episodes.

The festive season in Albert Square will see Denise (Diane Parish), Kathy (Gillian Taylforth), Linda (Kellie Bright), Sharon (Letitia Dean), Stacey (Lacey Turner) and Suki (Balvinder Sopal) dealing with a mysterious dead body, who is yet to be identified but is wearing amber cufflinks. Meanwhile, Sharon is seen in a blood-stained wedding dress.

Each of the six women has their own trailers leading up to the big Christmas scenes, and so far, fans have seen five out of the six. The most recent one features Kathy, who was arrested for a fire earlier this week. In her "everything changes" trailer, she's seen angrily chopping off the heads of pink tulips.

Some viewers now think that Kathy's trailer suggests that Suki's husband Nish Panesar might be the unfortunate victim this Christmas.

One sharp-eyed fan took to Twitter to share their theory: "Quick six theory (probably wrong) but judging by this trailer, Kathy is very angry and is chopping flowers, judging by the way she looks at Suki in the flashforward episode and Suki's face, I now think it could be a possibility that she kills Nish? # Eastenders (1/3)."

They added: "Rocky owes Nish money and due to Nish adding more and more interest, Rocky became desperate and resorted to burning down the cafe at an attempt to clear that debt amongst other things. Kathy could find out and in a fit of rage kill him. He's also messed with all #Eastenders [women involved in the whodunnit] (2/3)."

The soap super sleuth continued with their theory: "Linda with the Vic, Sharon with him threatening Keanu, Eve is linked through Stacey and we know the Sukeve reveal is soon, he's been abusing Suki and Ravi is Nish's son, linked to Denise. In these next few weeks he could target her? #EastEnders (3/3)."

In the original Christmas flashforward teaser it sees a shocked Suki sit down next to the body while a shellshocked Kathy stares at her before looking back at the body. Could Kathy have just killed Suki's husband Nish?

EastEnders continues every Monday to Thursday night at 7.30pm on BBC One

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