The Chase outrage as fans fume at ‘unfair’ question given to blind player ‘Take the p**s!

The Chase: Bradley Walsh says blind contestants story is 'amazing'

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Rob joined Nick, Kathryn and Sue on The Chase on Thursday evening to see if they had what it took to win some cash. To do so, they’d have to beat Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha, with first players Nick and Sue getting off to a good start by taking back £6,000 and £5,000, respectively. Bradley Walsh welcomed Rob third up on the ITV quiz show but he was sadly sent home after opting for the higher offer and being caught by Paul.

However, the decisive question Rob faced was deemed as “unfair” by The Chase viewers who were left outraged that it cost Rob his place on the show.

Rob, accompanied by guide dog Bobby, explained to Bradley before his cash-builder that he’d lost his sight when he was a teenager.

The contestant impressed in his cash-builder by racking up £5,000 but went brave and took the higher offer of £45,000 – sacrificing a spot on the table to The Sinnerman.

But Bradley’s final question to Rob was regarding the number of numbers used in a standard UK barcode.

The possible answers were nine, 11 or 13, and Rob answered incorrectly with nine.

Paul got the right answer of 13 and Rob and Bobby were sent home empty-handed.

But the nature of Rob’s final brainteaser left many ITV viewers taking to social media to vent their fury.

Twitter user @MiddxMinxx fumed: “#TheChase at it AGAIN with very unfair questions asking a player who’s blind ‘How many numbers are there in a UK barcode?’ #Disability #DisabilityTwitter.”

Kara Sloan echoed: “How can they ask a BLIND man how many numbers appear on a barcode. The Chase take the actual p**s.”

Jack Stewy agreed: “#thechase should be ashamed asking a blind dude a question which is based on visual knowledge.”

While @mr_chambers_ weighed in: “I hope Bradley buys Rob the computer he needs by way of an apology for asking such an unfair question…  #TheChase.”

And Ethan fumed: “Asking someone who’s blind how many numbers are on a UK barcode in a question, how the f**k is that fair? #TheChase.”

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Despite his early exit, Rob admitted to Bradley he had “no regrets” about opting for the higher offer.

And the player was commended by both Paul and Bradley for taking the plunge in the hopes of pocketing the five-figure sum.

Unfortunately for the team, Rob wasn’t the only player to be sent home early.

Final player Kathryn fared no better in her face-off with Paul, with the Chaser’s fine form meaning she was caught.

This left a two-person team to tackle the Final Chase against the Sinnerman, with Sue and Nick managing 14 steps in the last round.

However, they were no match for Paul who returned in the Final Chase and managed to match the pair’s score with a little under a minute remaining on the clock.

In fact, Paul got every question sent his way correctly, meaning the team had no chance in pushing the Chaser back.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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