Hilarious snaps from hangover competition reveal regretful drinkers worst moments & winner is a vomiting 'nun'

THESE hilarious pictures from a hangover competition reveal regretful drinker's worst moments – and the top picks include a vomiting 'nun', a regretful human 'elephant' and a woman stuffed inside a suitcase.

The winning snap, titled Mother Teresa, shows a woman bundled up in bed sheets and crouched over a toilet seat, hilariously armed with a toothbrush.

The picture was taken by a man named Neil of his wife after a night on the town in Rome, Italy.

Neil said: “Ended up drinking with the locals. I found her like this the next morning.”


In second place is a man named Arthur, clad in an elephant onesie, lying on the floor surrounded by empty beer bottles, his faux-trunk barely concealing a face filled with regret.

Arthur says he has no memory of the “carnage”.

In third place was a woman called Natalie, who can be seen with her head buried in a Budweiser beer box, carrying numerous bags with an electric fan bizarrely trailing next to her.

Natalie said: “I sleep with a fan every night. This was me leaving my friend’s the next day with the worst hangover known to man.”

The pictures beat more than 2,000 applications after the competition was announced in December 2020.

One hilarious image shows a woman slumped over her handbag, travelling on what appears to be a train, with nothing but a glittery pink eye mask to shield her from the daylight after a no-doubt heavy night.

Another picture summed up the regrets of the night before with a receipt for a JustEat food delivery and a note that reads: “Absolutely dying, please send help.”

Another snap shows a woman who managed to fall asleep stuffed inside a pink suitcase, still wearing her high heels.

One picture that missed out on the top spot shows a woman in bed wearing a tiara and surrounded by bottles of wine, Lucozade and water, and a half-eaten pizza.

The competition was run by Survivor, the creator of a dietary supplement designed to minimise the damage caused to the body by alcohol.

Winner Neil has bagged himself a year’s supply of the brand's products worth £335, while Arthur has won a six-month supply worth £168 and Natalie a two month supply worth £84.

Laurence Cardwell, co-founder and CEO of Survivor said: “We were amazed at just how many submissions we had for this competition but are pleased to have finally crowned Neil’s wife as having had the UK’s Most Outrageous Hangover.

“We had a lot of fun going through the submissions and could not believe how many people, midway through throwing up, think to grab their phones and take a selfie.

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