Road collapses sending cars crashing into a storm drain in landslide

Drivers have a lucky escape as road collapses sending five cars crashing into a storm drain in Malaysia landslide

  • The incident happened in Seri Kembangan, Selangor state, on January 25
  • Authorities said heavy rain caused the drain to burst and spill out more water
  • Locals were seen moving vehicles out of the way but five cars fell with the road
  • Authorities confirmed there were no casualties or injuries in the incident

Shocking footage shows the moment a road collapsed sending five cars crashing into a storm drain during a landslide in Malaysia.

One driver was seen moving their car clear moments before the ground started crumbling and the road gave way in Seri Kembangan, Selangor state, on January 25.

Others were seen running to safety second before the asphalt tumbled down into the wide drainage channel.

Five cars were sent crashing into a drain when the road they were parked gave way in Seri Kembangan, Selangor state, on January 25

Footage shows two pedestrians narrowly avoiding the collapse which sees five cars drop five metres into a drain below 

The incident happened after the area was hit by heavy rain, causing a drain to burst and spilling more water out, weakening the foundations below.

Locals said they moved ten cars away from the crack before the road collapsed, but five vehicles could not be saved from falling into the 16ft hole. 

Fortunately there were no casualties or injuries, authorities confirmed. 

A video filmed by an eyewitness shows a number of pedestrians standing close to cars that are parked over a large crack in the road.

One man is seen running to a vehicle, getting in it and reversing it away from the danger zone.

The camera pans round to show the crack stretching down the road, with five cars parked on the other side.

Suddenly, the person filming starts screaming and two pedestrians run to safety as the ground collapses, taking the five parked cars with it, and lands down in the drain below.

People are then seen rushing around and moving more cars out of the way as fears spread that more could collapse further down the road.

The camera pans back and shows the extent of the damage from the collapse, with cars seen poking out above the wreckage. 

The incident happened close to a nearby shopping district but authorities said there were no casualties or injuries involved. 

Alter Jastan, who helped locals move their cars, told KiniTV: ‘After the heavy rain, at around 5pm, the cracks were widening. And someone told me this place is no longer safe.

‘That is when I started informing my friends here, those who parked their cars here. We moved about ten cars. There were five left which we couldn’t save.’

Nurul Ain Zubaidah, who recorded the terrifying collapse, said: ‘I can’t believe this happened right in front of me. It was so dangerous.

‘It’s a miracle nobody was hurt. I hope that the authorities make the whole road safe so nothing like this happens again.’

Saharudin Abdul Razak, assistant superintendent of the Serdang Fire and Rescue station, said the area was closed to the public while repairs were planned.

The fireman blamed the rainy weather, adding: ‘The rain at the time of the incident caused the drain to burst and the five cars sank to a depth of five to six metres (16ft to 20ft).’

Footage showed the extent of the damage from the collapse, with cars seen poking out above the wreckage

Meanwhile, workers in a nearby commercial area in Lestari Perdana where the landslide happened were requested to evacuate for safety. 

Subang Jaya City Council (MBSJ) Corporate and Strategic Management Department deputy director Azfarizal Abdul Rashid said: ‘MBSJ will carry out sheet pile strengthening work immediately to prevent the situation from getting worse.

‘We will also identify the cause of the collapse and plan the repairs soon.’

Liew Yuen Keong, Puchong MCA leader, said it was a ‘long standing issue’ that had not been resolved by the authorities.

He added: ‘Four years ago, there was soil erosion on the riverbank and you could see a clear crack on the road but there is no proper, immediate action taken to rectify it. So far no action has been taken.’ 

Mr Keong was referring to a smaller landslide which occurred 50 metres away from the latest road collapse, in 2017.

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