Soldier has kids taken into care when daughter, 2, died being looked after by family friend not a licenced babysitter

A SOLDIER faced agony after his two-year-old daughter died at a babysitter's house while while he was on duty – before he had his other three kids taken away.

Staff Sergeant Jonathan and wife Rae Kundert faced a parent's worst nightmare after the death of their child Alizaundra at the home of a baby sitter who was not authorized to provide childcare.

But their grief plunged further when they were initially placed under suspicion after their child's death – and had local authorities take their other children away from them a week after the tragedy.

The babysitter was a friend of mum Rae, who knew she was not certified but trusted her because they had known each other a long time.

She cites a lack of childcare for military families for limiting her options to her friend who lived at the army training camp Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

The tragedy unfolded in November 2019 when Sgt. Kundert dropped Alizaundra at the house of the unlicensed baby sitter, who has not yet been named publicly or charged with any crime.

She had left the house to drop her own daughter to school, meaning Alizaundra was left in the care of the baby sitter's soldier husband.


About 90 minutes later, the husband can be heard in a panicked call to 911 as he describes the child falling down "eight or nine" steps.

"She hit her head hard. She’s limp and acting very funny,” the soldier told the dispatcher. He added that she had a knot on her head where she hit.

Moments later, the soldier can be heard during the 911 call reaching out to to Jonathan Kundert, telling him he needs to rush to the babysitter’s house.

Rae and Ali were flown to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Doctors explained that because of the damage to her brain, Ali would never regain consciousness.

According to the medical examiner’s report, the cause of death was “blunt force injuries of the head and neck".

It is the third known death of a military child in unauthorised day care, and comes only months after the tragic passing of Abigail Lobisch whose father was a member of the Army National Guard.

After months of distress and $15,000 racked up in legal fees, Sgt. Jonathan and Rae are finally reunited with their three children after a judge in a Pulaski County juvenile court closed the case against them.

Now Rae is warning other military families about the dangers of not getting the right childcare.

She said: "Go through the proper channels. I want to warn people about what could happen, especially if you’re using someone who’s not family child care certified, whether it’s a friend or not.

"You just don’t know. I think it’s a lack of knowledge and education.

"I support the military full-fledged. But there are so many military members and not enough child care.

"The [child development centers] are constantly filling up, and there aren’t enough people going for [family child care certification] the proper way.

"That’s why you have all these unlicensed babysitters on post. Soldiers and families may feel they don’t have any other option."

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